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With Compass™ and CDMS, you can now leverage 6000+ chemical products distributed in the US and Canada. The ability to create field prescriptions, providing insight on the combination of chemicals that can and cannot be used in accordance with county and state application guidelines, is right at your fingertips! CDMS allows users to view product regulatory info, find helpful links and recommend application amounts, promoting product stewardship. With a top notch farm planning system, including on & offline scouting capabilities, field GIS mapping & integrated soil sampling, Compass Grower is pulling out all the stops.

CDMS Order checking provides our users with:

  • Recommendation Reports
  • Chemical precautionary information, with non re-entry intervals, chemical restricted status, toxicity and more
  • Customized field maps
  • Worker protection summary reports

For California Customers:

In addition to the CDMS integration, Compass will automatically send proposed or completed chemical applications to the California Ag Permits office. Users registered with CalAg can view, modify and update permit information via the CalAg Permit portal provided by CaliCo Solutions.

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Compass™ is the web-based farm management tool that provides increased visibility and control over every aspect of your business. It lets you capture real-time farm data, allowing you to analyze and make more informed and efficient operation decisions.

With Compass™ we believe you are the owner of your data. With options to import and export from the system, it gives you full control over your data.

Here’s just a few of our features:

  • Crop planning and budgeting
  • Report generation
  • GIS/GPS field mapping
  • Grain marketing and bin inventory management
  • Crop management
  • Equipment data integration
  • Soil sampling and reporting
  • Field scout tracking and reporting
  • Robust record keeping
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